Bengt Granberg, who was born and raised on Eckerö, has devoted his entire life to tourism. Together with his wife Bärbel, they have become two of Åland´s true pioneers in the tourism industry.

Through lifelong work, Bengt has also been named Åland´s Entrepreneur 2008. The award is presented to a tourism business that has contributed in an exemplary way to promoting and developing tourism on Åland. The motivation was as follows:

“As early as 1967, Bengt Granberg began building Käringsundsbyn, a facility he ran to become Åland´s largest and most versatile holiday village. Since then, he has transformed several of his ideas into well-functioning businesses, such as the Game safari, one of Åland´s most visited tourist attractions, the luxury villa Långöjen and other nice rental houses as well as Granbergs Guesthouse in Storby”.

The Granberg family strives to always develop and always maintain high quality and the tourists have always been present; as a young man, Bengt grew up with his grandmother in the same house he still lives in today and he remembers throwing arrows with the guests, so you could say that tourism was a natural part of his upbringing, Since 2007, Käringsundsbyn has been sold to a new generation of tourist entrepreneurs who continues the development in his spirit.

brief facts about Bengt Granberg

In 1967 the first cottages were built in Käringsundsbyn and at a rapid pace, more and more cottages came.
In 1971 20 cottages were ready for rent. In addition there was a sauna with recreation room, tennis court, mini golf facility and kiosk.
In 1972  a barbeque restaurant was opened and a boat rental was built (where, in addition to boats, you could also rent windsurfing boards, pedal boats, canoes, bicycles and more).
In 1973 another 8 cottages were completed.
In 1977 there were 40 cottages in the area. The restaurant was expanded.
In 1978 Härbret was ready for rent.
In 1980 a modern conference facility with large capacity was completed.
In 1980 Fyrvaktarstugan was completed.
In 1981 the kiosk was replaced by a small grocery store. The receptionen was expanded.
In 1984 the current restaurant was built with a large dance floor and views in all directions. Room for up to 150 people.
In 1995 the Game safari started.
In 2001 the dream house Långöjen was finally ready.


Mannerströms Pension in the 1950s, the current Granbergs Guesthouse.


The Granberg family at Käringsundsbyn´s 10-year anniversary.


This is where the game enclosure begins to take shape. Wild boar and ostriches have not yet arrived.


The Archbishop of Finland goes on the game safari.


Bengt Granberg at the place where Käringsundsbyn will be constructed.


Queen Noor visiting Åland and Bengt Granberg.


Swedish ministers go on a game safari.


Five times Bengt has participated in Postrodden which runs between Grisslehamn and Eckerö, and a couple of times he has won!